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What to expect from start to finish

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Trusting Felicity Styles Photography to capture your family at any stage of life, is a warming and personalised experience.

Felicity will guide you and your family through each stage, with clear communication and full transparency. I believe in building rapport and good relationships with my clients, by getting to know you and your family so, that I can better serve and understand what your wanting.  

Portrait photography is a beautiful art that I have adored for 20 years now, it is a form of communication and connection. I believe that family life is so precious and each family have their own special bond, uniqueness and connection. Let me show you just how special your family all are, through capturing your incredible moments.

Once you decide that I’m the right photographer for you and your family, we start to plan. We talk about your ideas, what styles you love and ideally what photographs you want to see hanging on your walls. I’m full of information and go through what to wear, how to prepare for your session and what you can expect from me.

I want your family’s experience to be stress free and enjoyable, I will handle as many details as possible, so you and your family can arrive to the session and immerse yourself in the experience. If your having an in studio session in my home, I will prepare, setup and provide as many outfits for your children as I can. If your having a location session, I will source a location that suits your style. During the session depending on the style your after, I will guide your family through posed photographs or step back for those candid spontaneous moments.

I will not be looking at my watch, this time is all about you and your family. We work together until we get those photographs and shots your dreaming of or thought might even be impossible.

After your session I will start the editing process, I carefully hand pick photographs you pointed out to me. Photographs that are unique, beautiful and timeless. I will show you a couple of sneak peaks of finished photographs over the next few days.

Once the final photographic gallery is all completed, you and your family are invited back to see how your story came together. This is usually only 1-2 weeks after your session and is at my in home studio. I show you a finished gallery of 20-25 edited high resolution photographs, on a calibrated OLED 55 inch monitor. This allows you and your family to see all the photographs on a large scale and helps you decide what you love the most.

How many photographs you want and what package your family wishes to purchase is completely up to you. A few times through our process I will show you the prices, packages and products guide so that you have all the information required. That way when you come into your gallery viewing you are well prepared with all pricing information, so that nothing ever felt hidden or misleading. I will spend time with your family guiding you through the products, tailor making your package to suit what your family and give you all space to discuss it privately with no icky sales feelings. Once you’ve decided on the photographs you love and in what printed form, I order your carefully chosen products.

Your final photographs take anytime between 1-4 weeks to arrive depending on the specific product. I spent years sourcing the best photographic products from all over Australia, to give my clients the best and save you all time.

Once they have arrived at my studio, they are carefully inspected for quality. Then I contact you immediately and I organise personal delivery to you.

Holding your own family moments in a physical form, is truly a beautiful gift. These moments that we capture, will now be forever to remember and a way to always connect with your past, present and future.

Let me take you on an incredible journey and show you how truly special your family is.

Please download my ‘ what to expect’ for more detailed information.

Newborn and family photography Melbourne, Northern suburbs.

The Studio

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Felicity Styles Photography’s studio is located in Bundoora, 16km North of Melbourne CBD. The studio is a fully equipped in home studio with multiple areas to make you comfortable. it is located upstairs in the house, if stairs are a issue please let me know.

The main space offers a photographic and seating area, in an open space. The space features high ceilings, in a low light condition for studio lighting. All in studio sessions will be photographed using strobe lighting. Lighting and most equipment is placed in a safe as possible space, to avoid children and others tripping over cords.

There is a large play space down stairs for other children and siblings to relax and play while they aren’t been photographed. They must be supervised by another adult in this area. Bathroom facilities, tea/coffee and private separate baby feeding spaces are all available.

My studio is equipped with a large range of props and clothing, please discuss your prop and clothing ideas/interests with me.

Your Reveal

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Your full gallery will be completed within a 2 to 4 week time frame, once your gallery is completed you’ll be invited back into my studio for your reveal. This is usually everyone’s favourite part of the process, seeing your beautiful family moments all together and in real life. 

The gallery viewing allows me to show you the completed photographs from your photoshoot and in a private nature. I do not do online galleries and all viewings must be in person. The viewing is at my in home studio and presented on a 55 inch OLED monitor. Viewing them in this large format allows you to really see the entire photograph and can help you decide what photographic products your family truly wants.

We go through all the finished edited photographs in digital form and step by step I can help your family decide on the best products. What ever photographic products your family decides on, here is where we will go into detail. I’ll walk you through paper types, framing, canvas, wall art and albums and we will narrow down and confirm all of your choices ready for ordering.

The reveal and design can take 1-2 hours for your gallery viewing, so you don’t feel rushed or pressured to make any quick decisions. I want your family to have the photographs you love. 

At the end of the reveal and once all photographic choices and purchases are made is when the remainder of the package payment is due.

Please download my ‘ what to expect’ for more detailed information.

The Products

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Felicity Styles Photography offers a large range of beautiful bespoke and luxury printed products.

I believe that by just getting images on a USB leaves people short in so many ways. Most of us don’t know that by popping down to the local shopping department to print our images out, results in disappointing photographs. We then feel short changed as we see these beautiful photographs on our screen, but what we are holding look vastly different. There are many reasons for this and I also feel that when we are given just a USB, we miss a part of the experience, we don’t get them printed, we don’t frame them or even back them up.

I have spent many years sourcing the best printed products in Australia, to bring my clients the best and save you a lot of time and frustration. Many of my printed products have a 30-75 year guarantee, can be tailor made to your specifications and show exactly how your stunning photographs should look and feel. You’ll be able to physically hold your photographs, look at them displayed proudly on your walls and even pass them down. For a full detailed description on my products have a read through my product guide 2020.