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Photographic Products

photographic products, newborn and family photography

Felicity Styles Photography offers a large range of beautiful bespoke and luxury printed products. I believe that by just getting images on a USB leaves people short in so many ways. Most of us don’t know that by popping down to the local shopping department to print our images out, results in disappointing photographs. We then feel short changed as we see these beautiful photographs on our screen, but what we are holding look vastly different. There are many reasons for this and I also feel that when we are given just a USB, we miss a part of the experience, we don’t get them printed, we don’t frame them or even back them up. I have spent many years sourcing the best printed products in Australia, to bring my clients the best and save you a lot of time and frustration. Many of my printed products have a 30-70 year guarantee, can be tailor made to your specifications and show exactly how your beautiful photographs should look and feel. You’ll be able to physically hold your photographs, look at them displayed beautifully on your walls and even pass them down. For a full detailed description on my products have a read through my Product guide 2020.

Premium Grand album

photographic products, magazine album

A beautiful custom made luxury style album, made here in Australia.

This album is a 10 page spread meaning it has 20 sides and can consist of 20-40 photographs.

It is available with a lustre or smooth matt paper and can have a photo or cloth wrapped cover.

This premium album is offered in 12 x 8 and a 11 x 11 inch format.

Matching mini grandparent albums are also available.

This album is only available in the GRAND package collection.

Turn around time 3 to 4 weeks.

30 year guarantee.

Classic matted album

photographic products, album

A custom designed classic styled album, covered in linen or Japanese cloth. 

The matted pages are an ivory thick board and can be 10 or 20 pages in total with a corresponding amount of photographs.

These album are filled with fine art smooth or lustre photographic prints that can last for 70 years. 

There is a range of linen fabric colours and sizes available.

Custom design printing can also be included on the top of the album cover for that extra personal touch.

Turn around time 2 – 3 weeks.

30 year guarantee.

Framed fine art photographs

photographic products framed photographs

Transform your house into a home and display your most loved photographs to admire daily.

Offering a large range of sizes, these fine art archival photographic framed prints are magnificent.

Framing colours come in white, oak (as featured), silver and black.

They can be mounted as a torn edge, clean edge or completely into the board.

2-3 week turn around time.

 30 guarantee.

Fine art Canvas

photographic products, canvases

Beautiful fine art framed or unframed canvases that display your incredible family moments everyday. 

Available in a variety of sizes and framing options.

They have a lovely texture and vibrant printing colour.

Australian made and ready to hang.

2 to 4 week turn around time.

75 year guarantee.

Timber keepsake box

photographic products, timber box

These boxes are custom made and hold your album of choice, USB and any extra important keepsake items you wish to put aside.

The timber box is beautifully made here in Australia with the best materials available. Its finished with a clear acrylic top and bottom lid, so that it can double act as a frame.

This can sit on your cabinets as a feature for all to admire. 

Turn around time 2 to 3 weeks.

30 year guarantee.

Photographic keepsake box

photographic products, leather box

This keepsake box is a cloth or leather wrapped box with a photographic image top. It is the ultimate personalised box that will hold your album of choice, USB, photographs and any other meaning family keepsake items.

This can sit on your cabinet as a feature for all to admire and carefully stores your treasured albums.

Multiple leather and cloth choices available.

Turn around time 2 to 3 weeks.

30 year guarantee.

Fine art photographs

photographic products, prints

There is no better way to appreciate your beautiful memories captured, than to physically hold them in your hands. 

These photographs and all photographs I produce, will show the photographic image in their best light and in the way it’s meant to be seen and printed. 

The photographs are 8 x 10 inch and presented in beautifully thick 11 x 14 inch mat mounts that are ready to put into your chosen frames.

The papers are high quality fine art archival photographic papers, from one of the best Australian printing houses.

Turn around time 1 to 2 week.

If properly cared for they can last for 70 years.


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