Ladies Night: Felicity Styles Photography

Do you dream of a night out filled with makeup, fashion, bubbles and your besties? I know I do.  The Colour, Couture and Cocktails ladies night was the concept of Luisa from Styling and Sharyn from Mary Kay. They had an idea to bring women together for a night out, to put themselves first and show a little self love and care. So, let me tell you a little bit about why these two came together to make this happen. They have both launched small businesses out of a love and passion for empowering women. Having businesses that complement each other and a natural working vibe, I can say that I think this is the first of many Colour, Couture and Cocktail ladies events to come.

Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer

Let me paint the picture of the night to the best of my writing ability. The venue was booked at the Old England Hotel in Heidelberg, it’s your usual boutique older hotel room with velvet red drapes, floral carpet and plush velvet chairs. With those beautiful old stairwells, high ceilings and antique chandeliers, the room is lit with a beautiful golden hue. The room steps out onto an updated terrace area which I can only assume is pumping and packed during any season but the long Melbourne winter.

Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer

Cue 30 excited women collecting their bubbles on arrival and having a meet and greet chat, models buzzing with nervous excitement wondering how they got talked into this. Everyone takes their seats around the floor runway and Sharyn starts the introduction. Sharyn is a Mary Kay consultant and yes she mentioned exactly what I was thinking, ‘yes they are still around’ and I had a chuckle. As Sharyn spoke about her story, her move from a corporate life and inflexible un child friendly hours, wanting to make a change for her family, I related. Sharyn spoke about how at first, she just wanted the brilliant products at a better price, however then things shifted as she could imagine the life she could have. Apart from the benefits that come with being a Mary Kay consultant, Sharyn is passionate about making women feel beautiful in their own skin. Whether it be the 5 minute out the door makeup look, the skincare or a pamper yourself full makeover.

Over to Luisa our stylist from Styling to introduce her why and passion behind her business. Luisa wants women to feel not only comfortable, but walk out the door fabulous on a daily basis in beautiful clothing. Whether dropping the kids off at school, coffee and play dates to work, having clothes in your wardrobe that make you excited to open up your wardrobe. I mean who else here looks at their clothes daily and dreads pulling that outfit together? I know I do, well not anymore as I’ve being styled by Luisa. Luisa continues share more of her story and her passions, I don’t want to tell all here because I want you to go and met these women and hear it for yourselves. Luisa and Sharyn may have different businesses however share the same goal, empowering women to feel beautiful, confident and empowered in their skin no matter their age, shape or how they feel they ‘should’ look.

Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer

So, let’s get to that colour, couture and cocktails, I’m ready and excited. Luisa dresses our first model, a beautiful mum of 4 who is time poor and it’s been a while since she put her self first, we can all relate.  Luisa dresses her in a great day look and Sharyn shows us how to do a 5 minute out the door makeup look. I won’t lie its great, its fabulous now I just have to keep my kids quiet for 5 minutes so I can do that look which certainly hasn’t happened this last week. Let’s ramp this look up a little though in case we get to go out for that girl’s night we’ve have planned for 6 months and your time poor. Sharyn shows us how to turn that simple day look into a full night look and with a few simple but effective wardrobe tweaks we are ready to get those drinks with the girls and be ready for bed at 9pm, or is that just me?

Now that we have our make-up sorted, let’s see that couture. Luisa has styled 7 women aged 15 to 65 years, there aren’t many clothing brands that could carry across but the clothing that Luisa stocks is so unique and versatile it doesn’t matter your age. These brave women who have never stepped on a run way before, show us their new looks and their beauty clearly shines through

Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer                 Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer                Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer

We are all in awe, at the confidence and excitement that these women show us after their makeup and styling session. Now don’t get me wrong I know that our own inner self worth and appreciation is everything, however I personally love to feel fabulous both inside and out and why not? If you feel better and more confident by having beautiful clothes and makeup, then I say absolutely go for it.

After the fashion show wraps, its on. No mean girls’ scenes running in diving across tables to try on make up and clothes. Just a great mingling of food, drinks, chatter, makeup and clothes. The night wraps up with some fabulous raffles and a goodie bag, seriously I love goodie bags they are the best.

Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer                                     Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer

Sometimes in life we are invited to think different and be challenged, to go outside our nice comfort zone and try new things. When we do this, what better way then to be surrounded by trusted and close friends.

Felicity Norris, Felicity Styles Photography, Melbourne photographer

The first Colour, Couture and Cocktail ladies night is wrapped and I cant wait for the next one. I was personally honored to be asked to be the official photographer for the evening and support these amazing women. Event photography isn’t usually my genre so to check out my maternity, newborn and family photography work go here or go here to get in contact with me.


Felicity xx