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frequently asked questions

When should I book a photography session?

Sooner rather than later, I only offer a certain amount of sessions per month. So, once you have an idea that you’d like to have a session contact me asap.

Can I purchase the RAW unedited files?

No, I do not offer my RAW unedited files for sale. The reason for this is, that they aren’t yet finished and completed, hence they do not reflect my work correctly. RAW files are extremely large, I take my images in RAW instead of JPEG because they allow a large colour space for editing. They will be imported into a photo editing system, where I will complete my work, edit to my style and export these images for printing and online viewing.

Can I just purchase digital files?

No, the way I have structured my business is based on my philosophy of printing your memories. I have spent years sourcing Australia for the best high-quality professional printing houses, the work I show you at your gallery reveal will closely resembled the finished printed product. Printing high quality archival images means they will last for at least 70 years if properly cared for. Purchasing just images on a USB and printing them unprofessionally will result in poor and disappointing results. If you invest in hiring a photographer, then I believe your images should be printed to the same professional quality. The other reason, is that images left on a USB will not last. USBs can be corrupted and damaged. If you only have images on a USB, with no back ups or prints then after years your images may be completely ruined, leaving you with nothing.

Why do the packages start from 10 images?

I focus on quality and uniqueness, sometimes we feel we need all the photos and as many as we can get. However, working this way you find you a lot of repetitive images and not as much variety. So I choose to focus on producing a smaller number of images with a larger range of uniqueness, variety, composition and angles. I want to show you how just 10-25 images can tell your beautiful family story and put my time into editing 10-25 images and making them perfect for you, instead of 50-100 lower quality finished images. I find that it also helps to choose which images you want to become beautiful photographs on your walls, keeps costs down on printing for albums and that most people only want to hang their favourite 2-10 images on their walls anyway.

Do you offer discounts and promotions?

Yes, I offer discounts to returning client’s and for booked client referrals. I offer promotions on occasions, for example a model call or mini session shoot. These are for specific portfolio building purposes or around special occasions of the year. My pricing packages are as stated, I don’t offer discounts on my packages, unless as stated above, as it’s unfair to client’s paying the full purchase price. I have structured my packages to be of the best price benefit, however client’s are welcome to create their own collection from the individual price list. Minimum spend amounts do apply, please see below.

Can I bring people along?

Yes, under discussion. For example, if your having a newborn shoot and want your mum to be there just discuss it with me prior. If your having a session and turn up with an extra 10 people, this may affect your photographic experience. All people attending the session and all people having photos need to be discussed beforehand, so that I can properly prepare my session for you.

How long do you keep my photos for?

I hold onto your gallery for 12 months, after this date they will be deleted. I recommend you back up any digital images I provide to you with a hard drive and online storage. USB, hard drives and CD’s don’t last forever, so ensure you have your photos backed up in multiple places. I also for this reason recommend choosing your prints within that 12 month time frame.

Are you immunised?

Yes, I’m fully immunised including my entire household.

Do you have CPR and first aid training?

Yes, I’m actually a qualified Paediatric Registered Nurse and I teach infant and child CPR and first aid, in the Melbourne community.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, I guarantee my work. If you are completely unhappy with any stage, or the photos that have been captured we will discuss your options in full. I do not offer refunds or exchanges for change of mind and once products have been ordered.

If a photo or product was faulty by natural causes, it would be replaced. I inspect all products before delivering them to client’s and they would be picked up at this stage. I do not replace items that have been accidentally or purposefully damaged once they have been delivered.

My archival fine art prints are expected to last for 70 years when properly cared for. The albums I produce in my Grand package come with a 30 year guarantee from the manufacture and the unframed fine art canvases come with a 200 year guarantee.

Do you offer payment plan?

Yes, in consultation. I currently do not offer companies that provide the get the product now and pay later method. However, I am happy to discuss a payment plan. All products, prints and images will not to be handed over until the payment plan is completed in full.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend?

Yes, for all newborn services the total minimum spend is $997 and for all other services including maternity, child and family portraiture it’s $500. The $200 deposit is deducted from this amount. The purchase amount can be from individual items or from the collections.

Why is there a minimum spend amount?

The minimum spend is there as a guarantee of commitment. On average I put 25 hours into each newborn service and minimum a 20 hours into all other services. This includes discussions, planning, setting up, the photographic session, editing, the reveal, organising your final printed products and delivery. The minimum spend not only covers my time, but all photographic equipment I require, props and printed products.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

Yes, my cancellation fee is $110 if less than 24 hours’ notice is given, or you and your family arrive 45 mins late or more to your session. I have 2 young children in child care and this is the cost to book them in for another day, so you can have your session. I book their care based on my working schedule.


More questions, I’m happy to answer them all please contact me.

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