5 Must haves for every parent

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Well who else feels like the silly season is here and our calendars are booked up with events? The Christmas season is fast approaching and ‘life’ can take over a little, so today I just wanted to chat about things that may not enter our minds as we are going about our daily life. That is my must haves for every parent and they might not be what you think, well 1 or 2 maybe.

So lets dive in with my,


Infant and child focused CPR and first aid training, this by far is one of the best life skills you could ever learn and the best gift you can give to your children. It’s ultimately the ability to potentially save your child’s life and what to do in that emergency situation, that you think you’ll never be in.



A safe sleeping environment for your infant and child. This is really important especially for our newborns and infants to reduce their risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Read about creating a safe sleeping environment here from the experts at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. https://www.rch.org.au/rchcpg/hospital_clinical_guideline_index/Safe_sleeping/

I think its also important to create a safe sleeping space once we move from a cot to a toddler bed and bigger room. To remove all potential hazards from the room as we don’t know what our children are getting up to while we sleep.


A first aid kit, no seriously mine gets used so much. Once you hit those toddler years and beyond, kids are exploring the world and with this comes accidents and injuries. There is nothing worse than trying to run out to the chemist or doctors with screaming and bleeding children, when maybe it could have been managed at home. Novelty cold packs and bandaids are used almost every other day in our house and these came with our first aid kit, they are a great distractive tool while we assess the situation. I was a paediatric emergency nurse for 6 years and I saw a lot of facial and limb lacerations in toddlers and children, having a first aid kit on hand means you can handle the situation without going to a chemist and figuring out what to buy for this cut or bump on the head. It can also help provide that first line of treatment before a hospital or ambulance trip. You can get first aid kits at chemists, CPR courses and even office works.



This one is very personal and for me it really saved me in so many ways, It’s babywearing. Babywearing helped my motherhood journey in so many ways. It allowed me to bond with my children, keep my daughter comfortable with her reflux and connected me with an amazing supportive community. It freed up my hands to juggle laundry, cooking and shopping trips and helped me get through those hard colic hours of the day. Read more about babywearing here http://carry.org.au/


PHOTOGRAPHS, okay no real surprises here as I am a family photographer, however to me every client and friend who invested in the right photographer, is so happy to have these moments captured, of their family journey. We get really caught up when we get pregnant or with our growing family, all the trends and things we think we need for our baby and children. However, the trends change, we don’t use the things we thought we needed and eventually we sell or give away all our baby goods. I have donated, sold and given away so many baby things I thought I had to have and I could have instead invested that money into capturing more memories of my children. 10, 20 and 30 years down the track, it’s the memories of a time long past that we want and need, to remember those moments we had forgotten and see how precious our little babies once were. It’s also a beautiful way to connect with your children and grandchildren in later years, so maybe when relatives and friends ask what the kids want for Christmas, say we want memories not 20 toys.

honestly, I could go on quite easily and list another 10. However, when I stood back and reflected on my time as a children’s nurse and a Mother, I thought what really are the most important things and to me it is survival, safety, connection and memories. I have given away brand new $250 nappy bags I didn’t like in the end, bought all the accessories for the nursery and pram, got every little hack and bell and whistle I was told I needed. In reality it isn’t the case, it’s us who want those things not our children. What are your priorities? does your baby/child need that toy? But you still haven’t learnt how to potentially save their life if they are chocking? You put off buying a first aid kit but buy coffees daily?

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